Lenovo Legion Y520 (GTX 1050 Ti) video review – the Y-series are finally on the right track

Hey, hey! What is up, LaptopMedia viewers? We are back with another video review of a really intriguing laptop. You may remember that several days ago we published our comprehensive Lenovo Legion Y520 (GTX 1050 Ti) review and if you have not read it yet because you are too lazy or too busy, we decided to upload a video discussing the same product. As you know, this is a representative of Lenovo’s mid-range gaming laptops.

Legion Y520 demonstrates significant improvements in many key aspects when compared to its predecessors. We are presented with lower weight, better keyboard experience and touchpad. Other strong selling points of this bad boy are its IPS display (despite the present PWM from 0 to 99% brightness) and the fact that it supports M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs. Curious to learn more? Well, watch the video below then.

If you happen to show interest in the Lenovo Legion Y520 (GTX 1050 Ti), you can use the following link to check every now and then for its appearance on the market: http://amzn.to/2kZMnkI

The goal of this short article is to present to you the most important characteristic features of the given product, so that you can make an informed decision in case you want to purchase. If you like this video, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, share, comment, and hit the thumbs up button.

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