Yet another notebook that doesn’t use PWM across all brightness levels – ASUS K550JX

346616977.asus-k550jx-dm014dIf you are looking for a powerful notebook that won’t empty your wallet, the K550JX should be one of your first choices. It sports powerful hardware for the money and also comes with flicker-free panel.

While the screen won’t surprise you with vivid colors or wide viewing angles (due to the TN matrix), the display doesn’t use PWM across all usable brightness levels under normal circumstances. It means it’s completely harmless to your eyes and will not cause headaches to the more sensitive users, because it’s quite unlikely to use the display under 55 cd/m2 and even then the emiited frequency is high. Stay tuned for our full review as we dig deeper into what this notebook is all about.


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8 years ago

Thank GOD for!!!! This is the ONLY review website that posts PWM dimming information THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!