We’ve updated the review of LG G4 Stylus with thorough display and camera tests

Micr-LG G4 StylusA while back we introduced you to the review of LG G4 Stylus and promised to update the “Display” and “Camera” sections with the well-known test result. This update we spoke of is now a fact. You can read the updated review here.

The 5.7-inch display of G4 Stylus showed high contrast and good visibility angles. The light that it emits doesn’t flicker, which means that you won’t feel eye-fatigue after continuous usage. The brightness and color accuracy are moderate for the class. As for the camera, it showed high details, and although it’s not extraordinary, it is by no means bad. We’d say it qualifies as good for the mid-range, where G4 Stylus belongs.

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