We measured the external temperatures of Honor 4X after heavy load – the results are good

Honor 4X is one of the devices, whose review is just around the corner. Among the many challenges we’re putting it through is the temperature test, that consists of a gaming session, lasting for a couple of hours, and a measurement of the external temperatures in three different areas of the rear panel. The 3D gaming is simulated with the Epic Citadel application.

We noticed that the heat is spread evenly and the range of the measured temperatures in the three areas was pretty small. The middle part turned out to be the warmest, measuring at 41.7 degrees, which is not exactly cool to the touch, but it is also not a reason to be concerned. The temperature near the camera was only 0.5 degrees cooler – 41.2 degrees. In the lower part of the phone, the situation is similar – 39.6 degrees. In other words, Honor 4X doesn’t have an overheating problem, especially considering that these were the highest values measured after serious load.


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