WD paves the way to ultrabudget TB SSDs – world’s first 64-Layer 512 Gb TLC NAND is now here

Western Digital revealed the first 64-layer 512GB NAND memory. SSDs revolutionized our concept for fast memory from the very moment they became available to the general audience. Speed, however, is not the only merit of this memory type. Their weight, size and durability are unmatchable by conventional HDDs. Everything sounds great but the only drawback used to be the price…

WD and Toshiba are making a big step forward in the development of SSD memories, improving the NAND technology. A 64-bit 512 GB TLC NAND chip was announced yesterday. It is being developed and produced in WD’s Japanese factory with the help of Toshiba. The two companies are part of a project called Flash Forward.

Toshiba, on the other hand, continues with its own strategy, despite the sale of 20% of its NAND business shares.

It seems that the collaboration between the two companies has had some hardships since last year WD announced a 256-Gb version of the same BiCS3 technology to be found in the new 521-Gb chip but that was without any particular success. This resulted in lack of NAND memories and price increase but if everything goes according to plan, we could see 1 TB SSDs with 512 Gb TLC NAND for around $170.

You could also browse through all currently available SSDs here: http://amzn.to/2lk0CQf

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