This is how the “next-gen” Windows design will look – coming in May

Every new Windows OS looks like its predecessor, more or less. However, Microsoft will try to change that and this time it will be without releasing a new version of its operating system but with an update instead. The project is called “Neon” and judging by recent leaks, Mac OS won’t be ahead in terms of visual attraction anymore.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”, Steve Jobs once said. Well, Microsoft is working on that too, as in addition to modern looks, the company has prepared a lot of new features as well as reposition of key elements so that the system could work well on mobile devices, too. The controls, for example, are placed in the bottom of apps and have enough distance between each other for good touch experience.

Neon UI looks like the expected successor of Aero – with transparency, contrast windows and no borders.

If you need a new PC in order to enjoy the Neon UI, check out these offerings:

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