The PC gaming market reaches $36 billion revenue in 2016, Overwatch is on top

According to some latest researches, computer games have brought a revenue of 36 billion dollars to their companies for this year, which is 5 billion less than what mobile games have achieved (41 billion). The reason for this decrease can be explained with the free-to-play titles as well as the available pirate copies on the Internet.

Overwatch is number one with 586 billion dollars revenue, which means around 90 million monthly up to now. It is followed by titles such as CS:GO, Guild Wars 2, Minecraft и Fallout 4.

Developers of games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 are focused on the way in which they present their new items in games because that’s where they get their money from. After seven years on the market, Riot Games still demonstrate that they know what they give to customers and they show this with their monthly sales that reach up to 150 million dollars each month.

According to SuperData Research, the big “players” on the market are namely Steam and Riot Games that have recorded the highest revenue in this industry throughout recent years.

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