The outer temperatures of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ remained low even during continuous load

tempAs the tests on Galaxy S6 edge+ continue, we’re ready to share the outer temperatures of the device during heavy load. For the purposes, we simulate 3D gaming with the Epic Citadel app and then we measure the temperatures in three areas on the back of the device, after a little more than two hours.

Regardless of the heavy load, Galaxy S6 edge+ remained cool and was pleasant to touch. The hottest part on the back was around the camera, where our electronic thermometer measured 37.1 degrees Celsius. The middle area of the device hit 35.7 degrees, while the bottom was – 33.8 degrees. In any case, these temperatures are completely normal and may even be considered as oddly low. Despite having an extremely powerful Exynos SoC, there is no reason for the users to worry about overheating.

You can find information about the availability and price of the device in the following link:

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