The new Nokia 3310 – much ado about nothing

Probably most of you already that the new Nokia 3310 was officially introduced yesterday. The interesting thing about it is that it is one of the most popular topics in the Internet these days, even if we step out of the boundaries of the technological world. Should we actually be impressed by this new phone? Nokia 3310 is a iconic model from the distant past and nobody argues about that. You can even find some charm in the idea of bringing such an antique back to life. But the truth is that hardly anyone of you will buy this phone because it can not impress us with anything. If I need to be honest, even my grandmother boasts a more modern phone, without following the trends.

Some of you may say that it has a great battery life, which is a trademark of Nokia 3310. Unfortunately, this is not correct either. 31 days were mentioned in a stand-by mode which is almost a month far away from the socket. Yes, that is true but in a sleep mode. One charge of the battery will be enough for 22 hours in a phone call, which is far from impressive, too. In our battery life rankings, you will find dozens of models which offer higher endurance, even though their components need more serious power consumption. Those 22 hours will fall into a half if you spend your time playing the legendary “Snake”, which was actually the other “super” extra that can convince you this phone is worth your money. I’m ready to do anything for this game, I can even swallow the fact that the model doesn’t have a flashlight, which otherwise I would say it is a serious drawback.

The specs of the new Nokia 3310 include a 2.4-inch display which is even color, 2 MP main camera, which makes such bad pictures that the fact that it has an LED flash is even funny. The internal memory is 16 but pay attention to this – MB not GB. There is no information about the RAM and the processor. Still the price of the model is only 49 Euro. To conclude with something positive, let me tell you that the phone has the emblematic Nokia Tune melody. Some people say that the old fashion is back to life, but let’s see how many of you would like to be so trendy.

What is your opinion?

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