The new budget HP 250 G5 is now available on the market

250_G5A few days ago we presented to you a very elegant ASUS laptop that caught our attention with its stylish design and low price. We are talking about ASUS X540SA and today we would like to have a look at an HP notebook – HP 250 G5.

This mobile device features a low voltage Core i3-5005U processor which means that the 4-cell 41 Wh battery should endure for longer than the standard periods. Additionally, the GPU also contributes to longer battery life. The available configurations include an iGPU – Intel HD Graphics 5500. Since this model targets users in need of a multimedia device, we can’t wait to check how its battery will perform in our Web browsing and Video playback tests. HP 250 G5 features a 15-inch display (1366 x 768 p). As far as RAM is concerned, you get 8 GB but you can pay a bit more to upgrade.

If you are interested in this laptop, you can check its price and availability here:

250_G5 (1)

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