The new Alienware 13 will use an OLED display and why we are so hyped

Alienware_13Earlier today at one of the most anticipated gaming events, E3, Alienware announced its new gaming machines that target hardcore gamers alone. After we learned that the new Area-51 will offer GPUs such as GTX 1080 and 10-core CPUs, it is time for us to look at mobile devices, more precisely at Alienware 13 – it is a compact alien that brings not only mobility, but also decent performance.

Regardless of the small dimensions, this device’s quality is as great as that of its bigger brothers Alienware 15 and Alienware 17. Despite this, the American company has included something that is in favor of Alienware 13. This device is the first gaming notebook in the world to have an OLED display. The latter is characterized by several specs that will immerse you in the world of virtual reality.

The first of these specifications is response time. As we said above, the “alien” devices target gamers alone, and thanks to this display response time is only one millisecond – great news for those of you who are fans of FPS games. Furthermore, the contrast is really high because the pixels are automatically turned off achieving perfect black. Alienware has achieved contrast ratio of 100 000:1 – a good value, indeed. Apart from the marvelous display, the new device features 6th generation Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs, as well as GeForce GTX 960M/965M GPUs. If you want to enjoy playing with a VR headset, you can buy an Amplifier and enter the world of VR.

It’s important to note that the very same panel, reportedly coming from Samsung, will be used in other two devices as well – Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga and HP’s Spectre x360. We are still waiting for all three to hit the market in the following month or two.

If you are interested, you can have a look at the current price and availability of Alienware 13 configurations here:

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