Sony M4 Aqua reached dangerously high temperatures after heavy usage

For quite some time now when we test smartphones we measure their temperature after continuous gaming. We’ve come across devices that stay cool and devices that heat up. The main reason for that is the mobile chip.

Because of it, or for some other reason, the hottest point of Sony Xperia M4 Aqua’s beating all measured temperatures thus far. At the camera zone, the temperature got to 56.9 degrees and we checked the readings more than once. Fortunately, the heat distracts quickly while getting closer to the lower part of the phone where the highest temperature was far more reasonable – 39.7 degree Celsius.

Yet, we assume that maybe the heat is caused by the fact that we tested a prototype. The first chance we get to repeat this test with an end-user product, we will do it. In any case though, 56.9 degrees sounds shocking.


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8 years ago

what’s up with qualcomm’s processors lately..its’s like all their recent offerings have overheating issues