Samsung to release GDDR6 memory (14-16Gbps) by 2018

2-1080.3776517885After Micron released the GDDR5X memory, their biggest competitor Samsung is planning to release a new type of memory – GDDR6. It will be even more effective than the current one, which can be found in NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1080. For now, the rumors state that the maximum bandwidth of GDDR6 is 16 Gbps, and its base bandwidth – 14. With the current type (GDDR5X) the memory bandwidth is 10 Gbps, which means that the performance of the GPUs to use this new memory type will be increased.

Additionally, Samsung is planning to increase the overclocking capabilities, reducing or preserving the overall energy consumption. For this purpose, the company will use the LP4X standard that preserves the main components’ resistance of 1.1 V, and reduces it considerably for the I/O elements. We expect the memories with a frequency of 16 Gbps to become available in 2020.



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