Samsung and Kingston dominated the SSD market in 2016

There is a growing tendency of more and more people looking for SSD devices which leads to the appearance of many new players on the SSD market. To a great extent this is a plus for many of us – end users, as the bigger the competition, the lower the prices. The question, however, remains – which of these companies has managed to occupy the biggest market share in 2016?

The statistics which we would like to share with you is the result of Forward Insights’ research – a company dealing with SSD market research. It reviews the world SSD market according to the sum total of sold devices. The diagram below displays that 30% of the global SSD market belongs to the multitude companies categorized in this diagram as “other”. The company with greatest market share – 21% of all sales – is Samsung, followed by Kingston with its 16%. Apart from them there is no other seller above the 10% margin on the global SSD market – manufacturers such as Intel, Toshiba, SanDisk and others are way behind.

Analyst data points out that 63 million SSDs have been sold worldwide. The silver medalist – Kingston – recorded 10.1 million sales, or, to put it simply, Samsung has sold approximately 3.2 million more.

Kingston’s SSD department manager – Tony Hollingsbee explains this advancement with the partnerships they have developed, which are the main reason for this growth after the first sold SSD in 2009.

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