NVIDIA releases their new mobile Pascal-based Quadro graphics cards

NVIDIA officially announced its next generation (Pascal-based) of mobile workstation graphics cards – the Quadro series. Most notable models are the Quadro P5000 and P4000. They are the only two cards that were granted official VR-ready certification.

NVIDIA Quadro P5000 is the most powerful of all with its 2048 CUDA cores, 16 GB GDDR5 memory, and a 256-bit bus. The P4000 is a bit less powerful but still has 1792 cores and 8 GB of memory. It seems that while the desktop version of the P5000 uses the faster GDDR5X memory the mobile one is limited to GDDR5.

The mobile graphics cards will see their debut in some mobile workstations from various brands. Particularly interesting is Dell Precision 7720 which is a 17-inch VR-ready mobile workstation aimed at VR content creation. In addition to the powerful mobile Quadro graphics the Precision 7720 will also feature up to Intel Xeon processors


You can check all available NVIDIA products here: http://amzn.to/2inSKeA


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