NVIDIA 355.60 WHQL drivers test – information and gaming benchmarks

Almost every version of the NVIDIA GPU drivers comes with optimization, new features, performance boosts etc. But the latest ones (355.60 WHQL) offer more subtle improvements under the hood that are most likely to be interesting to developers.

For starters, the most notable change here is the added support for the Beta version of GameWorks VR SDK. So those of you owning a VR headset will be pleased to know that for the first time NVIDIA has added support for this software development kit. Even Kepler GPUs can now take advantage of the VR SLI, COntext Priority, Direct Mode, and Front Buffer Rendering. More information on the matter can be found at:

There are also added SLI profiles for Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition with DX10 and Next Car Game: Wreckfest with DX9. For the full release notes, you can go over at:

For the sake of it, we tried out the new drivers on the GeForce 940M GPU inside the recently reviewed Acer Aspire V15 (V3-574) notebook and see if there’s any change in the performance with a bunch of gaming tests. Interestingly enough, the only notable change that can’t be just on the benchmark test is the boosted performance on the F1 2014 game. You can see the results below.


Metro: LL (768p, Low) Metro: LL (768p, Medium) Metro: LL (768p, Max)
353.12 38 fps 21 fps 11 fps
355.60 36 fps 28 fps 11 fps


Tomb Raider (768p, Low) Tomb Raider (768p, Medium) Tomb Raider (768p, Max)
353.12 102 fps 34 fps 18 fps
355.60 97 fps 34 fps 18 fps


F1 2014 (768p, Low) F1 2014 (768p, Medium) F1 2014 (768p, Max)
353.12 52 fps 38 fps 37 fps
355.60 82 fps 61 fps 40 fps
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