New Windows Game Mode explained by Microsoft (video)

A few days back we mentioned that Microsoft is working on a new regime for Windows 10 Creators Update that should increase performance during gaming. The new regime is called Game Mode and now Microsoft explains how it will actually work.

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Microsoft’s goal is to increase framerates by focusing more graphics and processor resources to the game you are playing. As we already know, Windows 10 has an option called Game Bar which allows users to capture videos or screenshots of their gameplay or to stream on Beam. The new regime will be toggled from the Game Bar where a setting menu will appear with one of the settings being the Game Mode. This is all shown in the video below. In the future, some games will automatically activate Game Mode.

To explain how the Game Mode will rise framerates first we have to understand what causes them to drop. Most modern games which have some beautiful graphics and textures use a lot of the CPU’s and graphics processor’s potential to render them. Part from both processor’s resources (this goes mainly for the CPU) is taken by the background running applications. The new Game Mode will provide enough resources for the game to run fluently that won’t be accessible by the other background programs.

Game Mode will be available for Microsoft’s testers from January 26th. Regular users will be able to enjoy the new feature in April when Windows 10 Creators Update should launch.

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