Moto E3 demonstrates long battery life in our tests

8gwhYou may remember that a few days ago we shared with you that we are currently working on a Moto E3 review. After the first couple of battery tests we have some results to share with you.

We would like to remind you that Moto E3 comes with a 2800 mAh battery which is a reasonable improvement over the previous generation. Our expectations are of a high durability and the initial tests support this. In our Wi-Fi browsing test the phone held up for 716 minutes (11 hours and 56 minutes). Additionally, the phone did very well in our video playback check – 663 minutes (11 hours and 3 minutes). Even in the toughest challenge – 3D gaming – Moto E3 achieved a commendable score – 364 minutes (6 hours and 4 minutes). We have yet to put the phone to other tests which we shall discuss in the upcoming review.

If you happen to show interest in the Moto E3, you can check its price and availability here:

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