Logitech M220 Silent is the quiet mouse that will not bother anyone while you’re working

logitech-m220-silentYou have had moments when a quiet work environment was desired, whether because of the people around you or because of your personal needs. And if mouse clicks seem silent and barely noticeable throughout the day (when you’re not tired), at night every mouse click sounds as if you’re purposefully banging on the table or desk, especially if someone is trying to sleep. The same is valid if you are in a library or a room, together with colleagues who are trying to learn not so easily understandable lessons.

This is where Logitech comes into play with its new M220 Silent mouse, which is meant to not cause such stressful situations as the abovementioned ones by reducing mouse click noise with more than 90% (when compared to the super popular Logitech M170). Furthermore, this improvement does not come at the expense of convenience and accuracy.

Logitech M220 Silent is not only commendable for its silent operation, but also with 1000 DPI sensor resolution, up to 10 meters coverage, and 18 months of battery life. Additionally, its dimensions are as follows – 99 х 60 х 39 mm, and it only weighs 75 grams.

To learn more about the specs of Logitech M220 Silent, or purchase, you can visit this link: http://amzn.to/2doBozl



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