Lenovo Vibe P1 remains cool even after heavy load, despite the Snapdragon 615’s overheating problems

If you visit our site daily, you probably know that we perform a wide variety of tests on all the devices we review, so we can accurately evaluate their strong and weak sides. We just got Lenovo Vibe P1’s results in our temperatures test, in which we measure how hot a device gets after continues usage. For the purposes of this test, we simulate 3D gaming with the Epic Citadel app for a duration of over two hours.

The SoC of the Vibe P1 is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 615, which has led to some slight overheating issues on previous models we’ve tested. However, this isn’t the case here. The hottest part was only 37.2 degrees Celsius while the center and bottom part were 34.8 and 34.4 degrees respectively. In any case, these values aren’t anything to worry about and the metal body remains cool and pleasant to touch.

You can find information about the price and availability of Lenovo Vibe P1 at the following link: http://amzn.to/20OeF0G


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