Kaby Lake architecture to be available on the market toward the end of 2016

kaby-lakeApart from announcing the new 10-core “beast”, Intel Core i7-6950X, the American company unveiled its plans for new CPU development in the near future. The new Kaby Lake architecture will be available on the market until the end of 2016, and Intel’s corporate vice president, Navin Shenoy, shared that their development starts during this quarter.

After we shared with you in a news the leaks of some Kaby Lake CPU benchmarks (most probably Intel Core i7-7700K), it came as no surprise to us that the advent of the new architecture will be toward the end of 2016. Along with it, Intel will be developing Apollo Lake which should be also available around the end of this year. It is most likely that it will include the budget offers from the Celeron and Pentium lineups, because of its entry level class. On the other hand, Kaby Lake will feature the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 series that target mostly gamers and users who need higher CPU performance.

The new microarchitecture is different from previous generations because the Tick-Tock system that was long used by Intel has been now paused. Until now Intel counted on releasing a new generation each year that is either with different architecture (core) or lower manufacturing process.

Kaby Lakes is “semi-tock” because the microarchitecture has been optimized and the manufacturing process is again 14 nm. The present 6th generation of Intel Skylake CPUs uses the same technological process. Despite the Tick-Tock system being paused, the American company shared that their production is as planned and they expect more than 400 devices to employ Kaby Lake chips.

You can have a look at all CPUs by Intel that are currently available on the market: http://amzn.to/1TU9h8l


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