Intel’s plans for the next 2 years – Coffee Lake to be the powerful 14nm version of Cannonlake

intel-kany-lake-cannonlakeEven though the Kaby Lake chips have not yet been released on the market, there’s nothing that stops us from looking even further in the future of Intel mobile CPUs which seems promising since the company just registered a 15-year stock peak.

It appears that the Kaby Lake chips will have a long reign that will continue until Q3 in 2018, when there will be a “successor to the throne” – Coffee Lake. The latter will use a 14nm technology, and will be offered in “H” versions with 45W TDP and GT2 graphics, as well as in 15W and 28W “U” versions (low voltage) plus GT3e GPU.

However, more interesting here is that a few months earlier, toward the end of 2017, 10nm Cannonlake chips will be released on the market. They will be used to power 2-in-1 devices or powerful tablets, and it is namely this architecture that Coffee Lake will be based on.

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