Intel stock 15-year peak – gaming plays an important role

It seems that the days of somewhat stagnant computer sales are almost over. The biggest processor manufacturer Intel can only be happy about this fact, which is also confirmed by figures – their Q2 revenue is estimated at $14.4-15.4 billion, and they are expecting $15.3-15.9 billion for Q3.

A year increase of 7.8%, expected for the current year, is a great achievement for Intel, and it is only logical that this has an impact on Intel stock that reached a highest of 38.3, and today it’s at 37.67. This is the best score since January 2001, and it’s the best proof for a reviving industry.

Of course, gaming is one of the main factors here, and the battle between NVIDIA and AMD, and the awesome Pascal and Polaris can’t but have an effect on the market in a positive way. Additionally, we know that certain iPhone 7 models will use Intel modems instead of Qualcomm ones, and this is another great news for the California company.

You can have a look at all currently available Intel CPUs here:


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