Intel Core i7-6700K clocks at 6572 MHz, breaks Geekbench 3 record

Intel Core i7-6700K (check price) is one of users’ favorite (especially for the clockers) processors. The bar has been raised even higher thanks to the ASUS Maximus VIII Impact (check price) motherboard, G.SKILL Trident Z memory (check price), Seasonic PSU (check price), liquid nitrogen and of course, the mastery of Dancop. The German outfit has managed to overclock the 6700K by 64.3% to 6572.1 MHz, which turned out to be sufficient to break Rauf’s record in the 4-core CPUs contest – 28435 to 28428 points. Rauf’s machine works with the same Core i7-6700K CPU, the same memory, and Maximus VIII Extreme.

Here you can see where Core i7-6700K resides in our CPU ranking page, at stock speeds:

Check out the CPU-Z stats following the winning run:


Here you can check prices for all Core i7-6700K-based machines currently on the market:

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