HTC Vive is the most popular VR headset – the second place belongs to Oculus Rift

oculusvsviveEarlier today we shared with you that there is a statistics on the Steam platform according to which most users prefer NVIDIA GPUs, and AMD is falling behind with almost 30%. Now we would like to have a look at the statistics on VR headsets that require powerful GPUs for maximum comfort and performance.

Oculus VR were the first to offer VR headsets that were called Oculus Rift. The first units were called “Development kits” and they were given to developers in 2012 (DK1), and the second edition (DK2) appeared in 2014. Despite this, however, in the present most users prefer HTC Vive that was first presented as a prototype in 2014.

Four years later, Steam’s research shows that Oculus Rift’s DK1 is no longer used, but DK2 still has 6.25% of users. On the other hand, HTC Vive dominates this statistics with its 66%, while the final product of Oculus has only 27.75%.  Probably, this is due to the freedom HTC Vive provides – you can walk around your room and enjoy the world of virtual reality. For now Oculus Rift does not offer this feature and if you want to use their headset, you will have to remain in a single position.

You can check HTC Vive’s price and availability here:

Additionally, you can check Oculus Rift’s price and availability here:

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