How hot does Meizu m2 note get after extended use?

We’re continuing with Meizu m2 note’s tests and at this point we can share results from our temperatures test. Aside from the performance, which the octa-core Mediatek MT6753 SoC provides, it is interesting to see how much it affects the user experience or, in other words, does it heat up the housing of the device. As usual, we put the phone through a couple of hours of gaming, simulated with the Epic Citadel app and measure the temperatures on the surface. The hottest part of the device was around the camera, where the SoC is located and the temperature was 48.2 degrees Celcius.

Interestingly, the other two areas were significantly cooler. In the middle part of the device the highest temperature we measured was 39.3 degrees Celcius, while at the bottom – 37.1. This is great news since this is where you’ll be holding the device most of the time and the highest measured temperatures are far from dangerous and uncomfortable. However, the phone’s top side does heat up a lot and may cause you some troubles.

You can check Meizu m2 note’s specs and some basic information about the device in our first impressions article:

If you are interested in Meizu m2 note’s price you can check it at the following link:


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