How did the new Samsung Galaxy S7 perform in our gaming tests? (Video with FPS)

The Exynos 8890 which powers the Samsung Galaxy S7  is, without a doubt, the most powerful SoC we’ve tested to this day. Not only does it provide superb computing speeds, but graphic performance as well, all thanks to the integrated Mali-T880MP12 GPU. However, along with the synthetic benchmarks, where the mobile chip achieved record-breaking results, we ran a couple of gaming tests to see how the phone performs in real life situations. For the purposes of our tests, we used Real Racing 3, Dead Trigger 2 and Modern Combat 5, which are three of the most demanding games available on Google Play.

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We didn’t have any issues with any of the three games, as we enjoyed smooth and pleasant gameplay. With Real Racing 3, the average frames per second were 57, but the game ran at 60 FPS most of the time. We got a similar result when playing Dead Trigger 2, where the average FPS count was 56. As always, Modern Combat 5 proved to be the biggest challenge, since the FPS indicator didn’t move beyond 30 almost throughout the whole gameplay session. However, there’s no reason for concern, since the result doesn’t negatively affect the gaming experience by any means. Also, keep in mind, that the phone has a Game Tools “button”, which provides you with a couple of neat features. We tested the one that allows you to record your gameplay and we noticed that the FPS count drops when it’s active. This results in minor stuttering.

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