Hands-on with the revamped Lenovo Y700 – the much-anticipated successor to the Y50

We have been testing the Lenovo Y700 for a few days now and we are extremely eager to show it off in its full glory. So we’ve prepared a small gallery of photos that can serve as a little teaser of what’s to come.

As you can see from the stills below, the new Y700 continues the same design signature as the Y50 had, but with a few notable changes that we hope will improve the overall user experience. For instance, the main exhaust vent has been moved all the way back to the rear and this alone will most probably improve its cooling capabilities as we weren’t so impressed with how the old version dealt with the extra heat.

Also, the sides are slightly thicker, the majority of ports have been moved on the right side (we aren’t really fond of that change), the palm rest area is now bigger, the keyboard meets some changes as well, but the most notable change here, however, lies on the inside. The new Y700 features an M.2 SSD slot – a much-needed upgrade to the last Y50 generation.

Stay tuned for more photos, test results and information regarding the Lenovo Y700.

IMG_6266 IMG_6229

IMG_6237 IMG_6250

IMG_6610 IMG_6550

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8 years ago

Will you be reviewing it properly ? Like pwm tests and so on ? If so, when ? I like this model.