Google, Oculus, HTC, Samsung, Sony and Acer come together to establish VR standards

Most of the big players in the world of VR – HTC, Samsung, Oculus, Acer, Google and Sony will work in a partnership to develop technological standards in this industry, allowing VR to reach users all over the world.

We can notice that some companies are not in this “fellowship”, the most obvious absentee being Valve which is behind SteamVR, and Microsoft with their HoloLens goggles.

For now not every game/app can be run on more than two VR headsets which is a great inconvenience for users. For this reason we hope that Global Virtual Reality Association, GVRA, will come up with a solution, allowing various hardware and software components to receive the needed compatibility. This will immediately lead to a growing search for the newly established benefits and cross-platform compatibility. Thus, we have full right to believe that this step will not only be beneficial to us as end users but also to the developers of VR products.

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Brijesh Patel
7 years ago

what should i do if my phone is not compatible with the VR? is there any application which can help me.