Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s are wiping the floor with some notebooks, in terms of 3D performance

31manhattanAs we already informed you, the latest flagships from Samsung and Apple topped our Top Smartphones by 3D / Gaming performance list with great results in GFXBench and 3DMark. Meanwhile, Lenovo Yoga 510’s GPU, Intel HD Graphics 515 jumped in our Top Laptop Graphics Ranking list.

Here’s an interesting glimpse of the two ranking tables – although we don’t use the results of the Ice Storm graphics benchmark in the algorithm for the final ratings for laptops, we still put all of the laptops through this test. It turns out that the PowerVR GT7600 in iPhone 6s (check price) and the Mali-T880 in Galaxy S7 (detailed review / check price) are up to 113% faster than the integrated HD Graphics 515 in Yoga 510’s Intel Core M5 processor.

Note that we have no intention of humiliating the new ultra-portable and extremely good-looking Yoga, because it runs its Windows 10 OS really quickly. Also, we have seen a plethora of varying results from Core M5 and HD Graphics 515. For instance, Lenovo Yoga 900s with the same GPU got us around 50% better values than Yoga 510. This can be attributed to the SoC’s configurable TDP, based on design limitations of the cooling system.

Lenovo Yoga 510Samsung Galaxy S7 (check price)Apple iPhone 6s (check price)
3DMark Ice Storm23 12329 162 (+26%)28 356 (+23%)
GFXBench T-Rex3983 (+113%)80 (+105%)
GFXBench Manhattan1940 (+111%)40 (+111%)
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