Despite the thin chassis, ASUS GL502 with GTX 970M maintains stable frame rate after hours of gaming

asus-gl502-temperaturesThe first thing that came to mind when we saw the specs sheet of the new ASUS GL502 was “How will the cooling system handle up to GTX 970M in a 23.5 mm chassis?”.

For starters, we don’t quite agree that this is the real thickness of GL502. Our micrometer says 25.00 mm for the back and 24.03 mm for the front, and keep in mind that it has a resolution down to a thousandth of a centimeter or 1/2540 of the inch. 0.53-1.50 mm isn’t much (0.05 mm is the thickness of a human hair) so instead of complaining, let’s jump to the cooling tests.

We used Rise of the Tomb Raider on Max graphics settings for our torture test, so that we could check if GL502 will have problems after over two hours of non-stop gaming. The GPU load held at ~97% the entire time, while the CPU was at ~30%, and their temperature was around 80°C.

ASUS GL502 didn’t have any problems cooling the system and it kept the frame rate stable for more than two hours – 38 FPS. However, we should note that our model has GTX 970M and we haven’t tested what the situation would be in a configuration with GTX 980M. The GTX 980M variant has more room for the airflow – the body is 30.1 mm thick, so the results could be even better.

GTX 980M has 25% higher TDP than GTX 970M (125W vs 100W), so there’s no way to fit that monster in a 24 mm body with the same cooling system.

Stay tuned for our upcoming in-depth review where you’ll find many more tests, including a detailed temperature analysis.

You can check the current price of all ASUS GL502 configurations here:

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Vlad Bieg
7 years ago

Seriously, who cares today about the GTX 970/980 variants? Review it with the GTX 1070. Comparing similar GL502 laptops with 970 vs. 980 vs. 1070 would be really useful.

7 years ago
Reply to  Vlad Bieg

Yeah I have to agree, these are obsolete now, but we are all very much interested in whether the same statement holds for the 502VM (1060) and 502VS (1070). I do think that measuring the size yourself is a great idea though, ASUS is not honest about the weight so it makes sense to double-check all of their claims!

7 years ago

Great post!