Dell Vostro’s 15 3559 screen is unsatisfactory

vostro-3559Entry-level notebooks aren’t easy to bash because it’s understandable for OEMs not being able to use the best hardware that manufacturers can offer but sometimes even the cheapest devices surprise with worse than expected quality. And this is exactly the case with Dell’s Vostro 15 3559’s screen.

Dell’s Vostro 15 3000 series can be found here:

It sure is an affordable business notebook worth considering, but our tests show subpar image quality. For instance, the maximum brightness in the middle of the screen is just 183 cd/m2 and the average across the surface is somehow slightly higher – 190 cd/m2. We also measured above optimal color temperature of 7590K so colors will appear a tad blue-ish. We continue with an exceptionally low 280:1 contrast ratio and absurdly inaccurate color reproduction (dE2000=12). Only the sRGB coverage (56%) is comparable to other similarly priced models on the market.



The good news is that some of the flaws can be fixed by installing one of our profiles, which we will publish in the full review of the model. They will lower the blue light emissions, eliminate PWM, adjust the color temperature and correct the color deviations.

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