Dell Latitude 15 3570’s display uses high-frequency PWM and will affect some users

laptop-latitude-3000-15-3560-pdp-polaris-module-4Results from our PWM tests just came in for Dell Latitude 15 3570 and we have some good news and some bad ones. The bad is that the panel uses PWM from 0 to 99% while the good news is that the display flickers at high frequency and may affect only a small portion of users.

You can find some of the available models here:

As some of you know, as higher the frequency gets, the less you feel the negative effects and a frequency of 28.6 kHz is considered particularly high. In fact, some equipment isn’t able to detect such high-frequency flickering but it’s important to be aware of since some buyers have extra sensitive eyes. You can see how the curve changes in the graph below.

Stay tuned for the full review with which we will release our Health-Guard profile that will eliminate PWM and lower blue light emissions.


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