Dell Inspiron 5558 stays cool on the outside under heavy load

With the full review of Dell Inspiron 5558 just around the corner, we would like to give you a sneak peek of the the notebook’s heat management. Overall, we got pretty good results in our torture tests. Under normal usage the Intel Core i7-5500U maintained a temperature of 44°C,  but after we started the 100% CPU stress test, the temperatures rose to 56-59°C.

After an hour of computational load, along with the CPU we also added the GPU stress test and left it for another hour. The CPU temperature rose to 80-84°C in a few minutes and remained at that level ’till the end of the test. Overall in both tests the temperature remained far below the Tj.max (100°C), above which the system would automatically shut down to prevent serious problems. There was no CPU throttling at all through the two hours of stress testing. The GPU temperature remained around 80-82°C throughout the second test.


CPU+GPU stress test, CPU temperatures

At the end of the stress test we measured the temperature on the surface of the machine around the keyboard and palm rest to see how comfortable the notebook was after long hours of heavy load. The Inspiron 5558 remained really cool and we didn’t feel any heat at all. You can see the results in the heat map below.


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