Dell Inspiron 3552 uses a screen with PWM – just like most budget notebooks

dell_i3552_5240blk_inspiron_n3700_4gb_500gb_windows_10_15_6_1187911We are almost done with Dell’s budget Inspiron 3552 review and some results just came in from our lab. Of course, results aren’t surprising as most low-end notebooks use screens with PWM but we just thought we would give a small teaser before the full review.

You can find more information about the price and availability of the notebook:

The oscilloscope recorded screen flickering from 0 to 99% screen brightness meaning you can use the screen at 100% brightness without worrying about the PWM. However, if you go below 100%, the frequency of the emitted light is extremely low – 260 Hz. This is considered to be aggressive and can cause eye fatigue to some users.

Stay tuned for our review because the PWM can be a deal breaker for some but there’s more than it meets the eye.

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