ASUS ROG G551JW (GeForce GTX 960M) gaming tests

As usual, we ran some gaming tests on the ASUS G551JW which shares the same GPU as some of its siblings like the G501. We didn’t expect much of a difference when it comes to performance over the G501, but we were actually surprised of what we saw. In most cases, the G551 is dragging behind a few frames compared to the G501, but this might be due to different driver versions. This is not the first time that newer drivers (352.86) actually decrease the performance on some games. However, the difference is not big and surely you will not notice it.


Metro: LL (1080p, Low) Metro: LL (1080p, Medium) Metro: LL (1080p, Max)
62 fps 47 fps 17 fps


Tomb Raider (1080p, Low) Tomb Raider (1080p, Medium) Tomb Raider (1080p, Max)
134 fps 64 fps 33 fps


F1 2014 (1080p, Low) F1 2014 (1080p, Medium) F1 2014 (1080p, Max)
114 fps 91 fps 75 fps


Thief (1080p, Low) Thief (1080p, Medium) Thief (1080p, Max)
47 fps 37 fps 24 fps


GTA 5 (1080p, Low) GTA 5 (1080p, Medium) GTA 5 (1080p, Max)
99 fps 39 fps 20 fps
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