Apple will release OS X El Capitan to the public on the 30th of September

ZThe first beta version of Apple’s OS X El Capitan was released on the 9th of July, right after the company’s WWDC event. Now it is clear, that the new version of the OS will be publicly available on the 30th of September and it could be found and downloaded for free from the Mac App Store.

El Capitan is the successor of Yosemite and along with it come many useful improvements and updates, but nothing too major, though. These new features aim to make searching for information, surfing the Web, checking your e-mails, taking notes, working simultaneously with several apps and similar tasks, easier.

In the new OS you will have Split View available, which splits the screen into two parts, so that you may use two apps simultaneously. Mission Control now offers a better layout of the running programs. When taking notes you can now add photos, videos, addresses etc. More information about the capabilities of OS X El Capitan could be found on Apple’s official Web page.


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