Apple reveals a new revolutionary hinge system for MacBooks

Apple is a company well known for its innovations. A few days ago the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that reveals improvements to the hinge system in MacBooks that will use a torsion bar in its construction. The engineer standing behind this innovation is Scott Krahn. He is credited with inventing a Friction Hinge System in 2014. The idea is to strengthen the structure of the hinges so that it gets easier to open and close the MacBook.

Apple explains that the new hinge system works by applying an additional force when trying to open the lid that ensures the stability of the base so that the bottom of the device won’t rise too. This is made possible thanks to the addition of a torsion bar between the two grip points of the hinge. the torsion bar helps by applying additional force when needed. For instance, it helps when lifting the lid and adds a resisting force when the lid is being opened and the touchscreen is in use. In other words, it will be easier to open the notebook and the screen will be more stable when being touching.

The company visualizes its idea in the image below.

The patent application is from 2015. Keeping in mind that this is only an application there is no telling when and if we are going to see the new hinges in use.

You can check all of the available MackBooks here:

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