AMD updates its Crimson ReLive drivers to 17.1.2

AMD starts this year with a driver update. Earlier this month the California company released Crimson 17.1.1, and today AMD launched version 17.1.2. The latest update adds support for the beta versions of Conan Exiles and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands. Additionally, the new version will fix the following issues:

  • Changing memory clocks with Radeon WattMan with more than one display connected may cause memory clocks to intermittently become stuck at their minimum setting or switch between min and max ranges intermittently causing display flickering.
  • Diablo®III May experience smoke or lighting effects may appear corrupted when using DirectX®9 API.
  • Some applications may experience an intermittent or random runtime crash in atidxx64.dll.
  • FIFA®17 may experience a black screen on launch when using Hybrid Graphics or AMD PowerXpress system configurations.
  • Watch_Dogs®2 may experience an intermittent game crash after extended periods of play on some Radeon RX 300 series products.
  • Paragon™ may experience flickering in profile or store preview pages after changing graphics settings when using Multi GPU.
  • Forza Horizon 3 may experience a crash or application hang with the Blizzard Mountain DLC on some select Radeon GCN products.

To a great extent, the bugs this update is supposed to fix are similar to the ones from 17.1.1. To be honest, two related to the use of more than one GPU have been removed. We are talking about some crashes in Shadow Warrior 2 and system restart when installing a second GPU with certain 4K and 5K monitors.

The new drivers can be found here, and if you are in the market for an AMD GPU, you could browse through the available offers here:

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