AMD share price increases with 20% for a week – what is the reason?

The American company AMD demonstrated considerable increase of share price which doesn’t come as a surprise (you will see why further down in the article). The price increase reached for a week is 20% and it continues to rise with every single day. If you could buy a share for 3 dollars or less in the beginning of this month, now it costs around 6 dollars and the total value of AMD is above 4.5 billion dollars.


All this is due to two of the greatest gaming events – Computex and E3. During the first of them AMD announced its new GPU – Radeon RX 480. A bit later, Lisa announced Zen Summit Ridge CPUs, that should be powerful enough to compete with the high-end Intel CPUs – Core i7 (according to the manufacturer). At E3 it was Lisa again who had the chance of announcing the other GPU models that will be part of the Polaris architecture – Radeon RX 470 and RX 460. Additionally, just like their bigger brother, these GPUs are characterized by exceptionally low price and high performance.

Apart from new GPUs and CPUs, AMD will also count on consoles. The American company Microsoft announced that its newest consoles will be equipped with “red” chips. Furthermore, it is very likely that Sony will continue its partnership with AMD. All this sheds some light upon the future of the company that seems closer to its opponents from Intel and NVIDIA than ever before.

You can have a look at the current prices of AMD GPUs here:

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