AMD RX 480 to be released today – should we expect RX 490 by the end of this year?

At Computex Raja Koduri announced the new Polaris architecture by AMD, and the Radeon RX480 GPU. Later, at E3, Lisa Su confirmed that the graphics card will be released on June 29th. Fortunately for us and those of you who are eager to buy this budget AMD gaming chip – the time is up, and you can purchase RX 480 today.

However, this is not the only good news we want to share. Be it by chance or not, we decided to have a look at AMD’s official website and we found something surprising. Even though at E3 Lisa presented only RX 470 and RX 460, today the list of AMD GPUs contains Radeon RX 490, too. It is part of a list that can ensure a gift for you if you happen to own an AMD product. It’s interesting that to be part of this game, you have to have purchased a product between 15.02 – 31.12.2016. This means that RX 490 may appear by the end of this year, which really is a great news. We hope we’ll be able to learn more about the next AMD chip as soon as possible.

You can AMD Radeon RX 480’s price and availability here:


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