AMD Radeon Pro Duo vs Fury X and GTX 980 Ti in several benchmarks (screenshots)

A month ago AMD announced the graphics accelerator Radeon Pro Duo which immediately became “the currently most powerful GPU on the market” – but still, we are waiting for the new solutions by AMD and NVIDIA, Polaris and Pascal this summer. We’ll leave them aside for now, and focus on the Radeo Pro Duo in the present article.

You can find more information about prices and availability of AMD GPUs here:

As you probably know from the previous news, the model comes with two Fiji chips, manufactured through a 28nm process (the new ones will be 14nm), and provide the necessary performance to compete with their biggest opponent – the GeForce GTX TITAN Z. This is possible because of the core, containing 4096 Radeon, 256 texture and 64 raster cores, and its base frequency of 1000MHz. Each of the two chips, placed below the cooler developed by Cooler Master, sports 4GB HBM own memory and a 4096-bit bus. The frequency here is relatively low – only 500Mhz, but this does not prevent the memory from reading or writing data with 1TB/s (512GB/s for each core).

The Radeon Pro Duo consumes around 350 Watts, meaning that apart from reasonable power supply, you will also need two 8-pin connectors to feed the “two-headed beast”. The official release is today and in the images below you can see how it competes against the most powerful single-chip graphics accelerator by AMD – the Radeon Fury X; as well as the “green monster” by NVIDIA – the GeForce GTX 980. Additionally, the test includes Full HD and 4K resolution, and was performed by our colleagues from Expreview (via WCCFTech).

Images comparing it to Fury X and GTX 980 Ti (FHD and 4K)

pro duo-vs furyx 80p

pro duo-vs furyx 4k

pro duo-vs 980ti- 80p

pro duo-vs 980ti- 4k

We can definitely conclude that the Radeon Pro Duo devastated its competition – with up to 50% higher performance when compared to the Radeon Fury X in the Full HD test and “only” 60% higher in the 4K test (3840 x 2160 pixels). Apart from high performance, the GPU demonstrated good results in the power consumption and temperature tests. Considering all the facts in this article, we can confirm that the Radeon Pro Duo is the most powerful GPU, which is ready to transfer you in the world of virtual reality together with your VR headset.

pro duo cons

pro duo temp

You can find more information about prices and availability of AMD GPUs here:

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