AMD on the rise – stock prices as high as the sky

AMD has been around for quite a while now (from 1969 to be precise). They have gone trough tremendous milestones during this half a century. In the recent years they were strongly overwhelmed by their direct competitor Intel. But now it seems that Intel’s reign could come to an end as AMD is on the rise.

It looks like 2016 was a really successful year for AMD. The year was marked by the release of the Radeon 400 series (more) of graphic cards that are based on the Polaris architecture and use a 14nm manufacturing process. After that the teasing of the new Zen CPUs and Vega graphic cards began. The climax was reached at the annual AMD Tech Summit 2016 in Sonoma where the new CPU family (Ryzen) running the Zen architecture was shown along with the first real-life glimpse at the Vega 10.

So how exactly did all of this affect AMD. Apparently a lot! As you can see in the graph below AMD’s stock prices had risen the massive 280% through the year (that’s almost three times more). Moving from the sub $3 mark to over $10, currently at $10.66.

You can check the prices of all available AMD components on the market here:

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