AMD announced Radeon Pro SSG – it rendered a 96FPS 8K video

Today AMD announced not only budget professional graphics cards, but also another GPU that can be considered as a high-end professional graphics chip. Its name is Radeon Pro SSG, and its expected release is next year, at a starting price of $9,999. You may be wondering how a GPU might cost so much – let’s say a few words about this.

We must mention that the name is not some random combination of letters. The abbreviation SSG means Solid State Graphics, and perhaps you are now closer to understanding why this component costs so much. This is the first GPU that features PCIe 3.0 M.2 slots for a NAND flash memory. They are connected to the core, which avoids high latency that could be observed up to now. According to the manufacturer, Radeon Pro SSG has 1 TB of local storage and most likely supports 2 TB.


AMD did not miss the chance to demonstrate this GPUs performance by playing an 8K video. To ensure the power comparison, the system was initially configured with the currently best components on the market. Despite this, we witnessed only 17 fps. After the graphics cards were swapped, we saw 96 fps, which says a lot about the potential of this GPU. You can watch the entire AMD event in the video below.

You can browse through all currently available AMD GPUs here:

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