ADATA Ultimate SU900 is a new 3D MLC NAND SSD with up to 2 TB capacity

ADATA Technology announced the release of the Ultimate SU900 SSD. It is based on 3D MLC NAND memory and works with an SMI 2258 controller that performs 85000/90000 IOPS. Additionally, the model can be found in versions with up to 2TB, which really sets it apart from the other market offers whose capacity reaches 1TB.

As we know ADATA is a leading manufacturer of DRAM cache buffers one of which can be found in the new Ultimate SSD. The sequential read speed is 560MB/s, and 520MB/s is the maximum write speed. Also, the SU900 is 2.5″ in size and it ships with a 3.5-inch bracket which allows you to install it not just in laptops, but also in desktops and consoles. Another useful feature is the LDPC code for error connection and intelligent data layout.

Additionally, the 5 year warranty is a good indicator of this product’s sturdiness and reliability also ensured by the RAID Engine & Data Shaping technologies. As far as the average product life is concerned, it is 2 million hours.

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