Acer Aspire S 13’s display is just excellent

DSC08734For an ultrabook costing as much as $750, you’d expect that there are some considerable drawbacks but so far, the Aspire S 13 seems to hold an edge over more expensive competitors. Our latest screen tests further confirm these claims even though there are some small inconsistencies, which can be easily fixed with by using our custom-tailored profiles.

You can find the notebook’s price and configurations here:

Not only does the screen lack PWM for adjusting screen brightness, it features properties that make it an excellent choice for general office work, browsing and multimedia. Exactly what the notebook is made for. We’ve recorded one of the highest maximum brightness levels we’ve measured so far – 332 cd/m2, 92% sRGB coverage 1250:1 native contrast ratio, and even fairly accurate color reproduction. The only thing that’s little off is the color temperature – 7300K so colors will appear slightly colder but nothing too alarming.



Stay tuned for our full review of the model with more screen tests to come.

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