A few sample shots with Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 edge’s updated camera

Most of you, probably, are eagerly waiting for the first sample shots taken with the updated camera of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Fortunately, things in the software department haven’t changed much giving you a lot of options to play around with, including the “Pro” mode that gives you access to all of the usual manual settings like ISO, white balance, etc.

The update here, however, lies under the lens, aside from the ditched protruding camera design, of course. This year’s unit packs fewer pixels (12MP compared to last year’s 16MP) but Samsung promises that the changes compensate and are for the good. The main overhaul is the size of the pixels going from 1.12 µm to 1.4 µm letting more light in and thus better photo quality. Also, the aperture is f/1.7 guaranteeing excellent and to be honest, the sample shots below prove that. It’s a bit difficult to judge since they are taken inside with all the lights around, but you can still have a good grasp of what the camera can offer.





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