Toshiba held a special event to demonstrate the advantages of their No Matter What Guarantee

After Toshiba updated their No Matter What warranty, it is about time they put their devices to the test. The manufacturer performed a couple of “juicy” tests at today’s event. It started with the phrase “No matter what, we’ve got your back” and coincidence or not it was also found on one charming lady’s back.

The glorious start, which, by the way, filled the room with a lot of positive vibes, led the organizers to create an even “sweeter” surprises. Some of the models were mistaken for cakes and as we all know they’re the best part of the party. It was an interesting way to test their durability.

After the tasty beginning, things had to “cool off” as the notebooks had water and other liquids poured onto them. In order for the event to have a fitting end, one of the laptops was thrown on the ground and when it was picked up – it didn’t have a scratch on it, but most importantly the notebook was still running after that.

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