The first NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070-equipped notebook hits the market in August


The leaks surrounding NVIDIA’s new Pascal-based mobile GPUs just can’t stop surfacing as the latest information we were able to receive confirms what we know so far about the GTX 1070. And probably the most interesting part is that the refreshed ASUS ROG G752 will be the first one to house the GTX 1070 starting next month, sometime around mid-August. Anyway, we will get back to you tomorrow with detailed specs and prices about ASUS’ new G752VS laptop.



Back to the GTX 1070. As we already mentioned in previous leaks, the GPU will sport 256-bit GDDR5 memory and will sport 8GB of it, or at least the configs we know about. Also, the codename N17E-G2 matches with the GTX 1070 branding and it’s finally confirmed by the specs sheet we received from our source. And, of course, the “M” is missing from the official branding so the earlier rumors about closing the gap between the desktop and mobile GPUs turn out to be true after all. We wonder if this is going to be the case with the low-end and mid-range mobile Pascal chips.

You can find the current notebook configurations here:

Update: The new G752VS hits the stores, pre-orders are now possible!

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7 years ago

First manufacturer to market with a pascal chip (1070+) gets my $$$ 😉

Johnathan Li
7 years ago

It should be more obvious now that the “M” won’t be attached to the naming in all the GTX Series (1050 and above) but not likely for the GT Series of Mobile Pascal GPUs.