[Specs, Info, and Prices] Lenovo Legion 5 and 5i (15″, 2022) – back with some hardware improvements

Without a doubt, the Legion 5 series is one of the best gaming notebooks on the market. While it isn’t the flagship product of the Legion brand, it offers so much value, that you can easily forget about having the best possible hardware combinations (aka a Core i9 or a Ryzen 9 and the most powerful GPU on the market).

Truth be told, you almost never need the best possible hardware, and most of the time people do it for bragging rights, which is fair enough for them. Here we have the newest 2022 versions of the Legion 5 and Legion 5i, which bring bang for the buck value from Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA.

Today we are giving you a quick overview of the Lenovo Legion 5 (15″ AMD, 2022) and the Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2022)

The Lenovo Legion 5 (15″ AMD, 2022) and Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2022) will be available in April and February, respectively with a starting price of $1,130 and $1,200, respectively. 

Full Specs: Lenovo Legion 5 (15″ AMD, 2022) / Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2022)

Lenovo Legion 5 (15″ AMD, 2022) configurations:

Lenovo Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2022) configurations:


Needless to say, both the AMD and Intel versions use the same chassis, which looks quite different in the new Storm Grey and Cloud Grey colors. From the finish that they have, there is a slim chance that they are made out of metal, but nowadays you can anything to look like whatever you want, so we won’t get our hopes up. The laptops have changed, appearing even sleeker than before, with the rear end now being more subdued as the aggressive-looking heat vents are now gone.

With diamond-cut edges and rounded corners, these devices resemble business laptops more than they do gaming ones. Nevertheless, you still get a Legion logo on the lid, along with Lenovo badges on the corners of the lid, and the base. Regardless of which combination you choose, you’re getting a device that weighs 2.40 kg and has a profile of 19.9 mm.



There is a single display option with a 15.6-inch diagonal, QHD resolution, and an IPS panel. The display has a 165Hz refresh rate, a 300 nit peak brightness, and fully covers the sRGB color gamut, which will make the device a hot commodity in the Creator space. Going back to the gaming features, the display has a response time of 3ms and supports G-Sync and Dolby Vision.

Specifications and features

The AMD version offers two Zen 3+ CPUs with either the Ryzen 5 6600H or the Ryzen 7 6800H. These CPUs not only have an improved architecture that is now built on a smaller 6nm process but also have the RDNA 2 iGPUs included, which are a big improvement over the older Vega units and are highly awaited by budget gamers both on the laptop and desktop segments. The Intel model has the Core i5-12600H and the Core i7-12700H, which pair Efficiency and Performance cores to give you the best of both worlds, preserving energy when needed and giving you the best possible performance.

In terms of graphics, both versions have the RTX 3070 and RTX 3070 Ti. We know what performance of the former, which excels at 1440p gaming. The fellow Ti model is still unknown, but we are hopeful it can push 4K at decent framerates.

The TrueStrike keyboard has either a white or a 4-zone RGB backlight and uses different components, which contribute to up to 33% noise reduction while maintaining a 1.5 mm key travel.

All Lenovo Legion 5 (15″ AMD, 2022) configurations:

All Lenovo Legion 5i (15″ Intel, 2022) configurations:

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